Advertising and Creativity Skills

Advertising and marketing are very specialised subjects and require a lot of skill to get a message across that attract consumers. It requires a lot of creativity and imagination to come up with new angles that will spark a buying frenzy. Clients will want to see some evidence of your designs, and the best way to display this is on your website by adding a portfolio. However, first impressions always count, so if you are meeting clients face to face, make sure your office space is eye-catching.

Your Office Design

When thinking about your office decor, you need to consider what area of advertising you wish to be known for. If your focus is on the younger audience, then you can have a playful design. Start with the choice of wallpaper from and build on that theme. On the other hand, if you prefer to work with an older demographic, then you should opt for a more traditional, classic look. Take your time on this decision, as it will be the foundation of your overall design.

Show Off Your Talents

If you already have satisfied customers who have achieved success from your advertising campaigns, then shout this out to the world. Head over to and select the option to use your own image. You could have a montage of all your previous advertisements. This works particularly well if they are well-known household names. You can also take photographs of your wallpaper design, which demonstrates another area of your creativity and add a gallery on your website.

Diversify Your Skills

If you enjoy the process of design, you could perhaps take your skills in another direction, away from marketing and communication. You could even approach and offer to create some new wallpaper options for them. Knowing that your creations could be in numerous homes is a great morale-booster! You could then branch out further into other areas of home decor, such as matching accessories.

If you are seen as a success in the advertising world, then you can expect more lucrative assignments and a chance to work with the biggest brands in the world. Starting small by knowing how to create a good impression with the design of your office can lead to more extraordinary things. Marketing your own skills is a great talent to have, and you can leverage this to your advantage and attract the best clients.

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