Different advertising approaches

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Different advertising approaches

When it comes to advertising, the sky is the limit. Not even the sky, if you take into consideration our space exploration programmes. Virgin has already sent a rocket into space with its logo on the side, what will be next?

Different advertising agencies use different tools in the approach to the customer. We could be talking about TV ads, newspaper articles, promotions, coupons, tournaments, billboards, or online banners – there are so many different ways to reach the potential clients these days that the whole industry of marketing is exploding in size.

Approaches differ both in choice of media and in choice of method. The modern advertiser has a plethora of platforms to his aid – everything from Facebook and viral marketing to the traditional TV commercials and newspaper ads. The methods remain largely the same for different medias. For example, repetition of the brand or product name works in most forms of ads (but may be more efficient for commercials or infomercials since it works well in combination with sound). Another staple of advertising is selling a lifestyle – regardless of media, you associate your product with the kind of lifestyle you know your customers want.

If you are dreaming of becoming a master in advertisement, you will have to learn all the different ways to engage the customer. More importantly, you have to break the market up in segments and try to understand them all. Young people are not using the same methods of communication as the older generation. Metal lovers will often be in different areas of the city than the pop crowds. Americans use certain websites that we have not even heard of here in Europe. This is what the advertiser needs to keep in mind, long before any campaign is given the green light.

Advertising strategies

When you know the product or service you are about to advertise for someone, and know the exact segment that the client wants to reach, it is about time to start working on your strategy. Advertising strategies are always divided into two parts – the assessment and the action. First, you need to find out who your potential customers are and what they want. Which trends are currently hitting? Who will you have to battle with to win their affection? When the assessment is done, the action takes over. Which tools should you implement into your advertising approach? What ways should you pick? Who to hire?

Steps need to be laid out in plain sight, not just for you but for the whole team that is on the project. Mobile applications are a huge trend these days, since people are downloading exactly what they want. Advertise in online games to reach the gambling crowds, or put a banner up on a mobile app for recipes to reach the housewives. By using the correct tools and the perfect advertising approach, there is no limit to what you can achieve in the 21st century.

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