Communication in Organizations


Regardless of the organization you are a part of, the need for good communication is paramount, and it is not too difficult to maintain a high level of discourse in the work environment. Just a few good practices and a solid plan of action is all you need. No matter your level within the organization, you can easily improve on your workplace communication.

The ability to communicate well is a learned skill. It is not a natural talent. You will often recognize some people in the workplace who arHigh five!e much more adept at communicating effectively. The truth is they are using skills that they have learned in other areas in their lives. If you want to improve your ability to communicate effectively, you need only follow a few simple steps.

Be Concise and Direct

One famous writer on the topic of workplace communication, Karen Friedman, has some great advice for improving communication. According to her, many of the problems stemming from communication, or the lack thereof, are due to a lack of understanding.

Of course, if your message is either misunderstood or received in the wrong way, the fault lies in the delivery of the message. Her advice is to be as clear and concise as possible. There is nothing wrong with getting right to the point when trying to convey important information.

The Human Element

Of course, not everyone appreciates someone who is one hundred percent pragmatic and to the point all the time. We are all human, after all, and want people to understand us. It is important, therefore, to know the audience and understand what they need.

A good communicator is a lot like a good SEO company in that they understand their audience and target their message or content directly to the intended group. Internet Vikings is an example of an SEO company that does just that.

The Take-Home

Everyone should try to have better workplace communication because the clearer your message is, the more understanding there will be between messenger and audience.

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