A Guide to Marketing an App

Almost everyone with a smartphone will have dozens of apps on it, and there is every chance that most of them go unused. This makes the process of marketing an app particularly challenging, especially for companies that have never done it before. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available for the uninitiated. It just takes a little bit of time and planning.

Make Sure You’re Filling a New Niche

If an app is going up against an established titan, then it can be tough to knock them off the top of the charts. So instead, it can be better to identify a niche that most people don’t have an app for yet. Apps such as the plant identifier planta do this by making sure that they have a well-written App Store description that will drive people searching for this type of app to them. They also work hard to regularly add new features and engage with user feedback to make sure their app is serving a community of experienced professionals and amateurs equally well.

Try to Build Positive Word of Mouth

Apps such as Planta also rely on positive word of mouth and recommendations between users. It’s also essential to avoid the risk of negative press, which can harm an app. New apps may struggle to attract this type of positive coverage. Still, they can make up for this by working to build a community and making sure that any feedback is quickly answered. Regular update notes in the App Store can help new users to be certain that an app is active and frequently updated. More importantly, it shows that there is a support team available that will be able to help consumers should they encounter any issues when they are using the app.

All of this advice should make it easier to develop an app that attracts the right audience and builds a community.

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