Successful advertising campaigns


Every successful ad campaign has a few things in common: it presents images and ideas that are memorable to the customers that it is directed to; it has an ability to connect with people on a very personal level, helping them feel at home with and safe with the product; and it should describe, or show, its potential customers how the thing being advertised is going to make life somehow better for them. Advertising campaigns make people feel comforted or entertained, and successful ones are not forgotten until long after they have finished their run.

One example of an ad campaign that was very successful was the “Got Milk” campaign. This campaign was created to get more people in the United States to drink more cow’s milk. For twenty years it created images that showed people with milk moustaches. The ads were incredibly simple, but powerful at the same time. They featured strong, memorable images of people who had apparently drunk their milk a little too quickly. The idea was brilliant, because it said to the American public, “No matter who you are or what you do, you too can have a milk moustache.” The idea connected with people at a visceral level and the ad campaign was hugely successful.

Appealing to our competitive nature

Swindon, United Kingdom - February 1, 2014: SWINDON, UK - FEBRUARY 1, 2014: Can of Red Bull Energy Drink on ice over a white background

Another example of an ad campaign done right is the “Red Bull Gives You Wings” campaign, which was so powerful that it has become the company’s official slogan. The campaign was funny, but also highly inspirational to those who wanted to do things bigger, faster, and better than they were doing them. The company offered them an upward boost, so to speak, and convinced people that drinking the energy drink would make them better competitors in life. The company used people’s desire to compete at a higher level, to become winners, in order to sell their product. They were able to connect with the competitive side of consumers, and by doing so they created a bond between themselves and their demographic.

Whether it is funny, sad, serious, or just plain ridiculous, a good ad campaign has to connect and be powerful in its own right. The art of the ad agency’s work and the key to its success lies within those guidelines. A great ad campaign uses simple truths about human nature to sell products to its targeted consumers.

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