Getting the messaging right in your advertising

Constantly dropping attention spans is making it harder for companies to get their advertising messages to potential customers. This means that they are having to come up with more innovative ways of communicating about their products and services and ensure that they have a clear message to share. A lot of this has been achieved through a shift to digital advertising, which makes it much easier to target individuals based on their demographic. It’s also an important for advertisers to ensure that their ads are compatible with a wide variety of technologies and platforms so that they can reach their potential customers whether they are using a refurbished Apple iPhone or an older piece of technology.

New technology has made it much easier for companies to share their message in a variety of ways. For example, companies can now use emoji in their advertising copy to convey emotions and feelings alongside their written text. It’s also now easier than ever to create video adverts for small audiences by subtly varying the content for each person and market.

The most successful advertising campaigns are those where the message is decided before the campaign is created. This means that everyone involved in the campaign has a clear idea who they are communicating with and what they are trying to tell them. This tends to lead to better copy and a more polished product at the end. Taking a little time to nail down the message of an ad before moving on to more exciting creative phase is always a good idea.

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