Using Google Ads for Advertisements

According to Google, every day, people use Google to search about 3.5 billion times; that is about 2.5 million searches every second. If you use Google Ads for marketing your business, without a doubt, you gain vast opportunities to get your products or services out to people. By using Google Ads, you can boost web traffic, increase sales, and generate conversions and leads.

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads, called “Google AdWords” previously, is an online platform developed and owned by Google for advertising. With this platform, marketers can pay Google for displaying their short ads of product listings or service offerings and the contents of videos. These ads place in Google’s Search Network as well as Display Network. When a user searches a keyword in the Google search engine, he gets the results of his query displayed on the SERP, standing for Search Engine Results Page. The SERP typically includes a paid ad targeting the searched keyword.

How Is Google Ads Operated?

Google operates its Google Ads with an advertising model of pay-per-click, known as PPC. Businesses could place their ads on Google’s online platform, and every time their ads get a click, the advertisers pay the host. The PPC ad means getting the viewers clicking on it and leading them to the advertiser’s website or app, where the visitors may buy a product or service.

Bid for Your Ad

Typically, the companies that target a specific keyword set their bids to compete for the keyword. The bid set is named Maximum Bid. If your Maximum Bid is more than the cost per click, which is determined by Google, you get your ad placed.

Quality Score

Google takes your bid amount and pairs it with the assessment of the advertisement, which results in a “Quality Score“; usually, a higher score leads to a lower price for the ad with a better ad position. The score number is 1 to 10.

Ad Rank

Your Quality Score with the amount that you bid for the ad generates the Ad Rank. It determines where your ad will be on the SERP. Viewers are impatient, and they do not keep going through all the returned results. Ad Rank is crucial. It is good to know that Wincher could keep track of ranking. The more people view your ad, the more possibilities your ad has to be clicked.

All in all, Google Ads is a powerful place to advertise your business.

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