Effective Communication in an Advertising Agency

As the director of an advertising agency, you undoubtedly face many challenging tasks. It is essential to have the full support of your employees. However, unless you communicate effectively, they may feel left out of the loop and be reluctant to produce their best work. For your business to be successful, you need to engage all your workforce and make each one of them feel as though they are a necessary part of the team.

Using an Intranet Solution

Your first step in effective communication should be to install a system from omniaintranet.com, a reliable company that can empower your workforce. They are known for having the world’s quickest intranet, leading to better performance and more productivity from your staff. Advertising is a fast-moving industry, and you need to keep ahead of your competition. Being able to communicate with our designers at a moment’s notice is vital.

User Experience

Of course, your intranet system should not only be fast but also provide a great user experience for your employees. Those who find it difficult to use will not engage with it. There are no worries about this happening with Omnia. The system can be personalised, and the interface is intuitive and responsive. Your staff will be able to find their own specific tasks and be able to communicate their ideas with others.

Content Management

The world of advertising never stands still, and being able to communicate the latest news is vital. The Omnia platform will allow you to manage the content on your intranet system with ease. You can quickly remove out of date information and replace it with newer ideas and innovations. If you use Office 365, you will find that it fully integrates with your intranet, as does Microsoft Teams. Your employees will look forward to logging on to the intranet every day.

Knowledge Sharing

Although your advertising team work together as a whole, there will no doubt be several different skill sets among your employees who would benefit from sharing their knowledge. The Omnia intranet allows you to set up separate communities on the platform, who can take part in their own relevant discussion groups and forums. Even the most junior member of the team will find a place to voice their ideas or concerns.

The difficult challenge of running your own advertising agency will be halved once you have implemented the Omnia intranet system. You can rest assured that your employees will work with renewed enthusiasm, embracing the new technology.

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